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Senior Pilates Classes Ottawa


Committed to your greater good

A strong fitness program begins with knowledge, care and experience.

As owner and principal instructor at CorSano Pilates, my primary focus is to deliver a personalized fitness program that supports each client’s unique goals. I seek to motivate and inspire each individual: to move better, to perform better, and to enjoy the journey to better health.

Michele Carini

Tailored for you to meet your fitness goals

Integrating multiple methods to create a personalized whole-body workout


CorSano Pilates uses STOTT PILATES as a key pillar of its training. The world’s most recognized name in Pilates. STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the original method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates.

The refined method incorporates modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, fascial integration, muscle conditioning and athletic performance enhancement – making STOTT PILATES one of the most effective and safest Pilates methods available.

MELT Method®

CorSano Pilates integrates MELT techniques as part of a customized, holistic approach to Pilates-based training. The MELT Method is a unique self-treatment that reduces the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living, aging and high-demand, sports-specific training.

MELT strengthens the supportive qualities of the connective tissue and resets the nervous system to improve your body’s natural stability and resilience. You will feel the work in all the right places the day of your workout, and you’ll feel just as great the next day!

Restorative Exercise

CorSano Pilates integrates Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise techniques into your program to teach you how to adjust your alignment to restore joint function, ease pain and better target underconditioned areas of your body.

Based on the science of biomechanics, these exercises not only enhance how you perform exercises in the studio, but you will learn how to introduce more movement into your day for better health outcomes.

Michele Carini Pilates Ottawa Online Classes

Experienced, professional instructor

Certifications and specialized training include:

  • STOTT PILATES* Lead Instructor Trainer, Injuries & Special Populations, Toronto
  • Nutritious Movement Certified Personal Trainer, Washington
  • MELT® Method Level 5 Instructor, New York
  • MELT® NeuroStrength Instructor, New York
  • MELT® for Pilates Instructor, New York
  • Oov® Fundamentals and Apparatus Certification, Guelph
  • Pelvis Pro, Core Exercise Solutions Graduate, Online Training
  • Fascial Movement Instructor*, Toronto
  • HALO® Instructor Trainer, Toronto
  • ZEN•GA* and TotalBarre* Qualified Instructor, Toronto
  • Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, New Jersey
  • Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT), Miami
  • Fletcher Pilates Intensive Licensing Course, Ottawa
  • Franklin Method® Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer, Zurich
  • Franklin Method® Professional Training, Wiesbaden, Rome
  • Kane School Pelvic Floor & Foot Biomechanics, New York
  • Pilates During the Ante/Postnatal Period Certification, London, England
  • Gil Hedley Intensive Human Dissection Workshop, San Francisco
  • Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries, Mt Sinai School of Medicine, New York
  • Anatomy Trains® Fascia in Movement, Maine
  • Anatomy Trains for Movement Therapists, Toronto
  • Introduction to The Feldenkrais Method, Santa Clara


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