Jan 23 Event

MELT® and Restorative Exercise Workshop: Focus on Hips and Buttocks for Pain-free Movement

Saturday  |  January 23, 2021  |   9:30 am – 12 pm EST

Is your gait or sports performance less powerful? Is your backside flat? Aging, sitting frequently and shoe-wearing all contribute to poor posture, chronic pain and decreased balance, strength and mobility. For most, our buttock muscles and fascia are chronically stretched and can no longer produce force.

This workshop uses teaches you how to  restore hip stability and proper muscle activation with every step you take. You will learn a Performance Foot Treatment, fascial recovery moves for hips and low back, MELT NeuroStrength joint stability techniques and simple corrective exercises that are easily integrated into your daily activities and the other sports you enjoy.

Jan 23 Event

Your home, via the Zoom live-streaming platform.

$35.00 (or Euros 25,00)

Prices include tax. All sales final.
Payable with e-transfer or PayPal.*
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Equipment required:
MELT or soft-density foam roller; MELT foot treatment balls, yoga block, free wall and floor space, a stable WiFi connection; a device for viewing the workshop.

No later than Jan. 22nd via e-transfer: michele@corsanopilates.com