June 24 Event

Healthy Spine & Dynamic Pelvic Floor Training:
Franklin Method® Inspired Workshops

Appropriate for all fitness levels, Michele created her “Healthy Spine” and “Dynamic Pelvic Floor Training” workshops based on recently updated Franklin Method Courses for movement professionals and manual therapists. You will gain a practical understanding of the design and function of the spine and pelvic floor, and discover how to rejuvenate your body for better movement and posture for life!


  • June 24 – September 2, 2022.
  • One or both workshops are available to purchase at any time during this 10-week period.
  • Recordings are available through September 2 regardless of when you purchase.
  • Recording access via Zoom requires registration with your email and passcode.

Franklin Method® Inspired Workshops

Running Time and Exercises:

  • Each workshop is 2 hours in duration.
  • “Healthy Spine” includes 33 exercises (mostly performed while standing).
  • “Dynamic Pelvic Floor” includes 43 exercises (performed while standing, seated, and supine).
  • A detailed handout describing the exercises is included.

Equipment / Props Needed for Both Workshops:

  • Chair with a flat seat and a back.
  • The updated version of Zoom on your computer/tablet.

Equipment / Props Needed for Dynamic Pelvic Floor Workshop:

Prices and Payment Details:

  • Each workshop is CN$65.00 (US$55.00).
  • Prices include applicable taxes and fees. All sales are final.
  • Canadian payments via etransfer to michele@corsanopilates.com.
  • US$ payments via paypal.me/CorSanoPilates
  • Your bank payment confirmation is your receipt. Receipts for licensed therapists and movement professionals are available on request.
  • Gift Certificates are available. Treat a friend!
  • Email or call Michele for more information: +1 (613) 863.3449.
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