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Noggin to Navel
Workshops & Master Class Program:
“Noggin to Navel” in 3 parts!

Join Michele for a comprehensive 3-part program focused on restoring your upper body mobility, strength and posture using a unique combination of MELT Method®, Franklin Method® and STOTT PILATES® self-care techniques and exercises. You will notice immediate positive changes in how you feel and move!

Part 1:  “Small Moves, Big Gains” Workshop
Friday, March 3, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

MELT Method self-care sequences for the face, skull/neck, hands and arms using the MELT® Therapy Balls and Soft Body Roller combined with corrective exercises to “re-set” the head and neck for better breathing and shoulder girdle mechanics during static and dynamic positions.

Part 2: “Unlock Your Upper Body” Workshop
Sunday, March 12, 1:00pm – 3:00pm EST

Franklin Method exercises combined with MELT Upper Body Fascial Lengthening and Stability sequences to release held tension, improve alignment and facilitate proper muscle activation.

Part 3: “Pilates for a More Dynamic Posture” Master Class
Sunday, March 26 from 1:00pm – 2:30pm EST

Full body workout focused on developing balanced shoulder girdle muscle tone with upper spine mobilization and extension.

Part 1 only: $25.00
Includes Workshop recording (x 2 wks.) & handouts
Part 2 only: $50.00
Includes Workshop recording (x 2 wks.) & handouts*
Part 3 only: $30.00
Includes Master Class recording (x 2 wks.)
Full Program: $95.00

*Handouts feature new and updated MELT self-care treatment sequences.

Email: michele@corsanopilates.com to confirm your registration before submitting payment.

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