MELT NeuroStrength restores deep muscle timing for efficient movement.

MELT NeuroStrength™ builds on the foundational MELT® techniques that are designed to rehydrate the body's connective tissue, quiet the nervous system and rebalance the body's natural stability and repair mechanisms. By rehydrating the connective tissue, you improve the environment of the body's neurological pathways, giving joints and muscles the space and connection they need to create better movement. Adding NeuroStrength helps open the neurological potential of deep stabilizing muscles that may be defunct due to stuck stress, poor alignment or injury.

Created by Sue Hitzmann, manual therapist and founding member of the Fascial Research Society, MELT NeuroStrength simulates specialized therapeutic techniques used to reintegrate optimal joint motion and improve the timing of the appropriate muscles for core, shoulder and pelvic girdle stabilization. Issues addressed include improving your ability to move your arms and legs with an integrated core system, creating stability and balance along fascial planes such as the lateral (sides) of the body and between the front and back of the body. The more stable your body is, the more coordinated the movement. The result is more efficient day-to-day movement without compensation, which significantly reduces the risk of shoulder, hip and knee injury and low back or neck pain.

The perfect complement to your CorSano Pilates workout, MELT NeuroStrength exercises will allow you to move with greater precision and less effort regardless of how close or far away from ideal alignment your body is. Your workouts will yield genuine improvements in flexibility, muscle strength and tone when your body has fewer tendencies to compensate and use the wrong muscles at the wrong time.

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