Studio Sessions

CorSano Pilates offers Private and Semi-private Sessions in the New Edinburgh, Ottawa studio by appointment only. You can schedule your sessions throughout the week from 9am to 7pm, depending on availability. Group Classes are offered at off-site locations in the Ottawa-Gatineau area and on request at other venues.

Foundation Sessions are highly recommended as your first session. These premium sessions are 90 minutes in duration, exclusively for one person and provide a baseline for your customized training program. A Foundation Session includes detailed Alignment and Dynamic Movement Assessments, which together may elucidate areas of fascial tension, joint compression and muscle strength and weakness that can impact your movement ability, stability, balance, posture and overall functional fitness and health. You will have the opportunity to experience a variety of Specialized Equipment and/or MELT Method® techniques as part of a workout that addresses the findings of your Assessments.

Private Sessions are completely focused on you! Private Sessions are the perfect way to establish a competency in the technique and to advance and progress faster over the long-term. You receive the instructor's undivided attention and assistance as you explore and master new movements and achieve personal training goals. Your workouts can include use of the studio's complete array of Specialized Equipment. You are free to request exercises based on your needs or review exercises for home practice. Every CorSano Pilates session is customized to your training goals and your immediate needs based on how you feel and can move on any given training day. Private Sessions are ideal for anyone looking for intensive one-on-one workouts, those with special considerations or as supplements to the Semi-private Session program.

Semi-private Sessions are ideal for two friends, couples or those with similar goals and fitness levels who seek significantly more personalized attention than in a group class setting. Semi-private Sessions ("duets") are customized based on the goals and needs of the two participants. Some duets come for MELT Method instruction and others for STOTT PILATES* Circuit Training. Circuit Training integrates all of the Specialized Equipment. with Matwork*; exercises and Pilates Props (Stability Balls, bands, hand weights, etc.) for extra variety and challenge.