You can register for Private or Semi-private (2 persons) Sessions via email or telephone.

Private and Semi-private Sessions are 60 minutes in duration. Foundation Sessions are 90 minutes. The duration of any Session can be altered to suit your needs, and prices will be adjusted accordingly. Instructor Sessions and Master Classes vary in duration and price depending on your needs (CEC's, exam review, repertoire refresher, etc.). Group Classes are available at off-site locations (venues other than the CorSano Pilates studio).


Prices listed below are in Canadian Dollars.

Private Packages

Introductory 3 session package* 270
Foundation 90 minute session 140
Single session 100
Package of 5 450
Package of 10 875

*Offer is valid only for new clients.
13% HST is included

Semi-private Packages (price per person)

Single session 63
Package of 5 295
Package of 10 560

13% HST is included

All sessions except the Foundation session are 60 minutes in duration.
Gift Certificates are available.



Payment can be by cash, cheque or e-transfer at the start of your first appointment. Please make cheques payable to Michele Carini. There is a $50.00 administration fee for returned cheques.


There are no refunds or extensions on pre-paid sessions, Session Packages, Group Classes or Workshops. Pre-paid sessions and Session Packages may be transferable to another person within the designated Session Package Expiration timeframe (please see below for details). Payments for one service are not transferable to a different CorSano Pilates service/class/workshop.

24-hour Cancellation Policy

CorSano Pilates has a strict 24-hour cancellation policy on all sessions. Scheduled session appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled free of charge with 24 hours advance notice. Sessions that are cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment must be paid in full. In the event of one person cancelling their appointment as part of a Semi-private Session, the other party may choose to cancel the same appointment or pay the balance due for one Single Private Session in lieu of the originally scheduled Semi-private Session. An unforeseen travel/road weather advisory would be the only exception to the 24-hour Cancellation Policy.

Session Package Expiration

All pre-paid Private Session Packages have an expiration date from the date of purchase: Single Sessions and Foundation Sessions (one month); Introductory Three Session Package (6 weeks); Five Session Package (10 weeks); Ten Session Package (20 weeks).

All pre-paid Semi-private Session Packages have an expiration date from the date of purchase: Single Session Package (one month); Five Session Package (12 weeks); Ten Session Package (24 weeks).

The expiration date for a client purchasing two packages (a Private Session package in addition to a Semi-private Session package), will be the sum of the two packages.

Mutual vacation times will be taken into consideration and expiration dates adjusted accordingly. If a Session Package is not used completely prior to the expiration date, then the monetary value (at the time of purchase) of the remaining package may be applied to the purchase of future CorSano Pilates sessions. This option is valid for up to one year from the original date that the Session Package was purchased.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for new clients are available for Foundation and Single Private Sessions. All gift certificates must be used within one year from date of purchase. After one year, the monetary value (at the time of purchase) of the Gift Certificate may be applied to the purchase of future CorSano Pilates sessions.

Guaranteed Appointment Times

A pre-paid Session Package guarantees a weekly or bi-weekly appointment time. The purchase of a Ten Session Package is possible only when a weekly or bi-weekly appointment time is available. Guaranteed appointment times associated with pre-paid Session Packages must be completed within the Session Package Expiration timeline (please see above for details).


CorSano Pilates is closed for business on national holidays and during most school vacation periods.


There is free 2 hour parking in front of CorSano Pilates on Stanley Avenue.


Please leave your shoes at the studio entrance. Non-skid socks are preferred for safety and sanitary reasons, but you may wear regular socks or bare feet. Your attire should be comfortable (e.g., tank top, leotard, sweatpants, long shorts, tights), but not too loose fitting. Please do not wear clothing with zipper pockets as these can scratch the Pilates equipment. There is a private bathroom available for changing clothes.

Fragrances & Sunscreen

As a courtesy to those clients with allergies, please avoid the use of strongly scented perfumes, sprays and lotions. Please avoid wearing sunscreen or any make-up that will leave an oily residue on the Pilates equipment.

Cell Phones

CorSano Pilates is a private studio. This means that if you are taking a Private Session you may leave your cell phone "on." Accepting calls during your Private Session is your privilege. Cell phone use during Semi-private Sessions should be agreed with your training partner.


CorSano Pilates respects your privacy. CorSano Pilates will not sell, trade, rent, exchange or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organization without your written consent. The information that you provide during the registration process is used to customize your training sessions and communicate with you about scheduling your appointments. We will require your explicit written consent to use only your contact information for periodic informational mailings/newsletters from CorSano Pilates or another partner studio.


CorSano Pilates shall not be liable for any loss, personal injury or damages of any kind sustained by a person arising from the participation in Pilates activities including, but not limited to, Foundation, Private and Semi-private Sessions, courses, workshops, master classes, observation, individual use of facilities, premises or equipment. An applicant (potential client), registered client, student or visitor assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages that may occur to him/her while participating in exercises or activities under the guidance of a CorSano Pilates instructor regardless of the location or premises in which the exercises or activities take place. Applicants and clients agree to inform their instructor accurately and fully concerning their health, physical fitness and any relevant changes in their health and physical fitness. All applicants and clients under the age of 18 years must have consent, in written form, from a parent or guardian.