I started seeing Michele 2,5 years ago in order to strengthen my core. Little did I know that meeting Michele would change my life! I started with a group MELT class, and was pleasantly surprised to discover a new technique that has helped me with the chronic pain that I have suffered for over 20 years due to multiple car accidents. I've attended every MELT-Pilates Group Class Series since. I was so impressed with Michele's teaching style I started private lessons at CorSano Pilates—her home studio. Over the years I've studied many different techniques, including Yoga teacher training, in order to better understand my own body. Pilates was such an amazing compliment that I decided to do the STOTT PILATES Intensive Matwork certification course with Michele in April 2015. Her knowledge of the human body and dedication to continuing education are second to none. I have raved to anyone who will listen, that MELT and Pilates has helped to relieve debilitating migraines, complications from scoliosis, back pain from a fracture, imbalances in body structure and postural issues. Michele designs the class solely for my complicated body issues, and I am so grateful to have found an amazing mentor and teacher.
Shelagh, MRT(T) The Ottawa Hospital, Qualified STOTT PILATES and Akhanda Yoga Instructor
"Michele is an exceptional instructor. Her creativity, eye for detail and focus on proper position and technique makes for an effective and enjoyable classes. She is knowledgeable and keeps up to date so I continue to learn and improve. I refer patients to her since she is able to modify exercises when someone is injured. Since I started with Michele many of my injuries have resolved. Every session is positive and helpful."
Marilyn, Physician, Ottawa
"Michele Carini is the Pilates professional you want as your coach. A friend and I started weekly duet sessions with Michele four years ago, and at the time, I suffered from chronic pain associated with two frozen shoulders while my friend had low back instability with occasional painful symptoms. Michele managed to give us an amazing workout every week: she addressed our individual injuries and modified the exercises in an incredibly creative and effective way. She also got us hooked on MELT as a great way to stay aligned and flexible in between our weekly sessions. Our injuries healed and we have Michele to thank. Now that my friend has moved, I’m continuing on a private basis with Michele. My overall strength, flexibility, core stability and balance haven’t been this good for years!"
Paula McNeil Yau, Ottawa
"I have been practicing Pilates with Michele Carini for over two years, twice a week, one-on-one sessions. It has changed my body, my health and my spirit! I feel exhilarated and energized during my sessions and I never want the hour to end! Michele takes great pride in her discipline, is a perfectionist when teaching and yet is gentle and encouraging at the same time. She is a Pilates "treasure" who is continuously learning new methods and techniques, never resting on her laurels and I so admire these traits. I feel blessed to have found her."
Darlene Provost, Artist
"My work involves sitting for long hours at a computer. This, combined with several surgeries and a badly broken leg at 60 resulted in increasingly poor posture and physical compensations. It is remarkable what Michele Carini has been able to achieve in just six months of Pilates training: I now move much more fluidly, have regained strength in my body, and have reduced aches and pains many associate with aging. People are consistently remarking on "how well I look." Most importantly, I have found that reconnecting my mind and body through weekly Pilates is critical to achieving a better work/life balance and improved health."
Professor Ann Dale, Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development, Royal Roads University
"My husband, Paul, and I get a fantastic workout with Michele. We love working on the Reformer with the Cardio-Trampoline attachment. Paul is athletic and works out frequently, but when we do a duet session with Michele he always comments that it’s a challenging workout like no other. Michele is a wonderful teacher — her professional coaching and attention to detail are so important, and we appreciate how she personalizes our sessions based on our individual needs with different cues, modifications and postural corrections."
Isabelle Daoust, Director, Government Relations, Canadian Red Cross
"My customers and friends always ask how I stay in shape (and continually improve my shape!). It's Pilates lessons with Michele! From the very first group mat class I took with Michele nearly two years ago I felt the results. Michele delivers a creative class that keeps you challenged regardless of your fitness level or amount of Pilates experience. Now that I follow weekly one-on-one sessions with Michele in her New Edinburgh studio, I have a new appreciation for this amazing system of strength training. Each week Michele creates a different workout for me using the Pilates equipment. The variety in Michele's programs combined with her guidance and enthusiasm keeps me focused, propels me to try harder, and leaves me looking forward to our next session."
Eva Schmitz, President of Artistic Landscape Design, Ottawa, Canada
"I am a 49-year-old man and I feel stronger every day thanks to CorSano Pilates. I was a doubter when my wife recommended I try private sessions with Michele, but discovered that I could work hard and achieve results without getting bored or aggravating my old sports-related injuries. More men should consider Pilates as a good way of strengthening the body. One needs to be a little patient and be willing to invest some time on a regular basis. If you are willing to do that, the results are amazing."
Arend Drenthe, Former Chief Financial Officer, Heerema Fabrication Group, The Netherlands
"Words cannot truly express how much I valued training with Michele. When I started private lessons, I was suffering chronic back pain and sleepless nights associated with a lumbar hernia. Sitting for longer than 30 minutes was impossible. Michele and I trained twice weekly and she gave me exercises to do at home. After six months I was pain-free. I expected the pain to return after I became pregnant with my first child, but Michele and I continued weekly sessions throughout my pregnancy and I felt strong and healthy up to the delivery. Pilates with Michele took my pain away and gave me my life back. I can highly recommend Michele Carini and CorSano Pilates!"
Amanda Willms, Senior Manager Business Development, Crucell, The Netherlands
"My first experience with Michele was as a client in her weekly group Reformer class. I was already a certified Matwork™ instructor and ACE Personal Trainer with no plans to further my Pilates education. Michele was so inspiring and knowledgeable in those group classes that I knew I had to continue my STOTT PILATES® education with her as my mentor. Her enthusiasm for STOTT PILATES is completely infectious and she makes you want to know more! One of the most valuable things I learned from Michele is the importance of understanding the essence of each exercise, and using a variety of cues to communicate this to clients. She motivated me to stay focused and become a "thinker" who problem-solves using modifications and creative approaches to help clients work safely and effectively. Michele wants her students to be successful and independent, yet she is always there to guide and help you even after the coursework is completed."
Ineke Latour, Fully-certified STOTT PILATES Instructor, Coordinator STOTT PILATES Education, Ypenburg and Leidschenveen Active Health Centers, The Netherlands
"I suffer from severe hyper-mobility, which makes it very difficult for me to exercise. However, Michele completely understood my body type and working with her enabled me to balance my body and make it more stable, stronger and less injury-prone. Thanks to Michele I understand how to move my body correctly and now have much better posture. Michele has an extremely professional approach, incredible expertise and gives excellent instruction. I cannot recommend Michele highly enough—she is a wonderful teacher and a true joy to work with."
Jacqueline Burrough, Co-owner Words@Work, Leiden, The Netherlands