About Us

Why CorSano?

Committed to your greater good.

CorSano Pilates believes that contemporary Pilates-based training creates a lasting dialogue between you and your body that goes beyond your studio workout. We teach you a holistic, progressive workout program that aligns with your current motivation and health goals so that the value stemming from the techniques you learn restores balance in your body, improves what you can do in your everyday activities and benefits your overall quality of life.

We are enthusiastic about what we do and take our job—and your valuable time—very seriously. To learn more about why CorSano Pilates is the best choice for your personal training needs, please click a bulleted benefit below!

Experienced, Professional Instructor

A strong fitness program begins with a knowledgeable, caring and experienced instructor. CorSano Pilates owner and principal instructor, Michele Carini, is that person. Michele's primary focus is coaching individuals in a personal training setting, most of whom have an injury or special concern. A true professional committed to her work, Michele is constantly learning and developing her skills by participating in continuing education workshops and integrating her on-going study of research in areas of biomechanics, rehabilitation, fascial fitness and athletic performance. She holds advanced certifications in STOTT PILATES and the MELT Method®, is a Nutritious Movement Certified™ Restorative Exercise Specialist and has been teaching Mindful Movement for over a decade. A teacher of teachers, Michele is well-known for her enthusiasm, articulate teaching style and extensive experience leading large group classes and events.

Customized, Challenging Workouts

Our commitment to clients is to provide professional, high quality workouts that are customized to each client's needs, goals and lifestyle. Your workouts are designed only for you – there is no recipe or scripted exercise list. Whether you choose one-on-one Private or Semi-private Sessions, your instructor gears every workout to your abilities, needs and goals. You receive detailed, posture-specific instructional cues and corrections to help you work safely and effectively at all times.

No two workouts are the same: creative approaches increase your body awareness; keep your sessions interesting and leave you feeling energized!

Specialized, Intelligent Equipment

CorSano Pilates is a fully equipped studio featuring state-of-the-art STOTT PILATES* professional equipment and specialized MELT® products. Unlike anything you might find in a traditional gym, STOTT PILATES* equipment is adjusted to accommodate your body type and size, meet desired intensity levels and target specific muscle groups and movement patterns. Mat-based exercises can be included in your program to reinforce key biomechanical principles, teach movements before progressing to the equipment and/or add different levels of challenge to your workout.

Small equipment such as the Fitness Circle* resistance ring, Flex-band*, Stability Cushion*, Mini Stability Ball* and BOSU® are available to support and challenge the Mat-based elements of your workout. At all times your equipment is customized to ensure safe and effective training.

Click on the equipment names below to learn more about what your workout at CorSano Pilates may include:

BOSU® is a registered trademark of BOSU Fitness LLC, used with permission.

Injuries and Special Concerns Expertise

We specialize in working with people who have injuries or other concerns. Michele Carini is a Certified Merrithew* Lead Instructor Trainer (teacher of teachers) for Injuries and Special Populations. She is certified through the Pink Ribbon Program as a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, and is a Nutritious Movement™ Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. Michele has completed numerous continuing education programs focused on spinal conditions, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, scoliosis, osteoporosis, connective tissue disorders and pre- and post-natal exercise to name a few, and also is trained in neuromuscular reintegration through the MELT Method®.

Your CorSano Pilates Instructor has the skills and training to assess posture and alignment and identify dysfunctional movement patterns. She takes this information into account—along with a variety of factors, such as your fitness level, goals and objectives—when designing a personalized restorative training program. CorSano Pilates can work in coordination with your physiotherapist or physician to ensure continuity of care and success in helping you realize your movement potential.

Personal, Exclusive Studio Environment

You will find CorSano Pilates located in the annex of a distinctive Victorian heritage home—on a quiet street in central Ottawa's New Edinburgh-Rockcliffe Park neighbourhood. With its discreet entrance and view over Stanley Park, CorSano Pilates boasts an inviting, calm and uniquely personal workout space. An elegant changing area complete with towels and luxurious amenities is at your disposal.

There is only one appointment available each hour, so you can enjoy an extremely private setting without onlookers or other distractions. You can leave your cell phone 'on' and 'look your worst' (or your 'best') – the hour is yours!