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Michele Carini founded CorSano Pilates in 2006. Michele's skillful ability to train people of all fitness levels and ages — from elite athletes to young mothers and baby boomers — has led to a loyal clientele and a solid reputation in the Pilates and wellness fields. Her knowledge and techniques are grounded in anatomy, biomechanics, fascial fitness, kinesiology and the principles of posture correction and rehabilitation.

Michele is a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES* Instructor, Advanced-level MELT Method® Instructor, and one of an elite group of Merrithew* Lead Instructor Trainers certified to teach STOTT PILATES educational courses and workshops worldwide. She specializes in working with clients recovering from injuries and those with conditions requiring modifications and a customized, careful approach to their training program.

Michele's additional certifications and specialized training include:

  • STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer for Injuries & Special Populations, Toronto
  • Nutritious Movement™ Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist
  • MELT Method Level 2 Instructor, New York
  • MELT® NeuroStrength Instructor, New York
  • MELT for Pilates Instructor, New York
  • Fascial Movement Instructor*, Toronto
  • HALO® Instructor Trainer, Toronto
  • ZEN•GA* and TotalBarre* Qualified Instructor, Toronto
  • Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, New Jersey
  • Pilates Method Alliance® Certified Pilates Teacher, Miami
  • Fletcher Pilates Intensive Licensing Course, Ottawa
  • Franklin Method Professional Training, Wiesbaden, Rome
  • Kane School Pelvic Floor & Foot Biomechanics, New York
  • Pilates During the Ante/Postnatal Period Certification, London, England
  • Gil Hedley Intensive Human Dissection Workshop, San Francisco
  • Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries, Mt Sinai School of Medicine, New York
  • Anatomy Trains® Fascia in Movement, Maine
  • Anatomy Trains® for Movement Therapists, Toronto
  • Introduction to The Feldenkrais Method, Santa Clara

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® Anatomy Trains is the mapping of whole body fascial and myofascial linkages developed by
Thomas Myers.